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Change Our Outcomes is a community rooted in education and sisterhood.

Our Story

Our Mission

Our Vision

Change Our Outcomes started as a social media marketing campaign and evolved into a digital wellness space. From inception the goal has been to educate Black women on chronic disease prevention.


From breast cancer to maternal mortality, Black women in the US are experiencing the worst outcomes. We believe that with culturally relevant health education and space to share our experiences we can change that. 

The mission of Change Our Outcomes is to empower Black women to improve their health and wellbeing by cultivating a supportive community and facilitating the sharing of vital information.

Our vision is to be a known space held for Black women, dedicated to both enducation and empowerment.



A word from our founder, Dianna Johnson-Ward, MPH, CHES

Change Our Outcomes started as a project in grad school and has blossomed into more than I could have ever imagined. As a Black woman and public health professional my goal has, and always will be, to work towards greater health equity for Black women. I believe the first step towards that is simply listening to Black women. 

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